Colour you can really sink your feet into!
After nearly three years of collaboration, we couldn't think of a better time to highlight our ongoing partnership with ethical rugmakers FLOOR_STORY and our series of colour CHROMA and OPTICK RUGS. This post is a celebration of the range, it’s inspiration and the story behind them.
A shared vision
In 2019, a conversation and shared vision between Simon Goff, FLOORSTORY founder and Kitty Joseph sparked off the collaboration and the first, and perhaps most iconic design: The CHROMA RUG.
A translation of an image of the KITTY JOSEPH CHROMA SKIRT laid flat on the floor, the CHROMA PRIMARY RUG took direct inspiration from the colours and the pleating of this bestselling skirt . 
A celebration of colour mixing that has been the building block for multiple products released by KITTY JOSEPH, such as the CHROMA DRESS, CHROMA SKIRT, CHROMA TOPS and more, each CHROMA RUG is hand-carved to replicate the pleated pattern that can be seen on the clothing items, with each of the 38 colours in every rug having been hand selected by Kitty in the FLOOR STORY studio.
From this striking circular rug design, Kitty developed further colourways, exploring various moods and sequences of colour : CHROMA PINK, CHROMA GREY and CHROMA PASTEL.
With 4 different colour-ways to choose from, the CHROMA RUGS are the perfect way to add an extra dimension to any room. Each CHROMA design is available in five sizes, including 150cm, 180cm, 200cm, 250cm and 300cm, but can be made in any custom size to tailor to your needs and space. Over the last three years we’ve had the joy of seeing this design come to life in a diverse range of settings in almost every size imaginable.
Riding a wave of success following the CHROMA rugs, Kitty and Simon set about planning a second collection. Similarly inspired by the signature pleating of Kitty’s clothing, the optick rugs expand the carved technique explored in the CHROMA range yet with a more reduced, bi-colour palette, with the aim of offering infinite colour customisation options for clients.
Rectangular in shape, with pleasing zigzag edges, the OPTICK RUGS incorporate four standard colourways carefully selected by Kitty to demonstrate the great variety of colour effects achievable with this unique bicolour design.
The OPTICK RUG colourways, ‘SUN’, ‘SKY’, ‘WATER’ and ‘GERANIUM’ are  inspired by the therapeutic colours of nature - a way of bringing the colour experience of nature outdoors, indoors. The design of the OPTICK RUGS allows for an alternative viewing experience from different angles, giving a chance for each colour to pop, shift and change - living colour in your space.
All rugs in standard sizes and colours can be ordered directly HERE
However the flexibility of FLOOR_STORY ‘s made to order process means that you can order our rugs in any size or colour to fit your own unique projects. Just email : floorstory.co.uk with your request!
The versatility of our rug offering means they are at home environments and settings, whether that’s in the office, business headquarters, hotels, restaurants or pride of place at home – we have something for everyone. Working with both interior designers, to hotels and even first time homeowners, it's inspiring to see how these rugs have become a part of many unique visions and spaces.
Aligned values 
FLOOR STORY is a brand which aligns well with the values and beliefs we hold at KITTY JOSEPH in their efforts to “celebrate diversity and creativity” within their work. Their Good Weave certified rugs prove their dedication to maintaining ethical working practices, with 75% of their hand-made rugs being accredited with the GoodWeave label.  
Join us in bringing mood enhancing, breathtaking colour into your everyday experience with our FLOORSTORY rugs! Some colour to truly sink your feet into….