“I’ve always felt strongly that I want my clothes to be accessible to everyone, not one type of person..... I don’t want to project some narrow ideal that people feel they need to reach.”

Kitty Joseph is a modern print and colour focused clothing label, determined to change the 'standard' fashion model. Putting ethics equally in line with aesthetics, the brand’s aim is to sustainably produce premium quality, intelligent, inclusive, joy-giving clothes for the differing dynamics of our daily lives.

On graduation from the Royal College of Art in 2011, the designer’s instantly recognisable handling of colour and contemporary design were immediately snapped up by visionaries including Lady Gaga and the iconic Parisian store Colette. 

In 2018, after urgently feeling the need for a more responsible fashion industry, Kitty moved from a traditional wholesale business to a direct to consumer e-commerce model. This dramatically cut down the carbon footprint of each garment and allowed the customer’s real needs to become central to the brand, finally providing the opportunity to become fully size inclusive and truly diversifying the customer base. 
Kitty Joseph has been worn by the likes of Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue and Little Mix plus has garnered fans across the internet due to ties with prolific international influencers such as A Fashion NerdColor Me Courtney and Blaire Eadie.
2019 saw the brand transition to using recycled and organic fabrics exclusively across the entire range. The bestselling 'Chroma' and 'Mineral'
 skirts are made of rPET fabric derived from recycled plastic bottles. Use of these incredible fibres prevents single use plastics from entering our oceans and landfills. 
Meanwhile, Tencel fabric from the Chromology range is sourced from Eucalyptus trees which are sustainably forested in some of the driest regions of the world where other agriculture is not possible, using a completely closed-loop production process. This means that over 99% of all water and solvents which are used in the process will be reused later, preventing chemicals being released into water systems. 
In 2024 the brand established an in-house managed rental service to make KJ pieces accessible to those on a budget alongside conscious consumers wishing to reduce their carbon footprint by renting rather than purchasing designer fashion for event dressing.

Features in The Times, The Sunday Times Style, The Observer and The New Statesman have all focussed on the shift -

“...Kitty Joseph proves that some designers aren’t afraid to dress plus-size women... a very welcome exception to the rule that designers would do anything not to align their brand with a woman bigger than a size 10”
- Sophie Wilkinson, The New Statesman

“...For the first time in my life, I felt like I was in an outfit that made me look the best I ever had”
- Candice Carty-Williams, The Sunday Times Style Fashion Special

An ongoing collaboration with rug makers Floor Story took home the Elle Decor British Design Award for Best Floor Covering in 2021. Previous brand collaborations and capsule collections also include Teemill, Absolut UK, Umbro and Unmade and special projects for MAC Cosmetics, Nokia and Adidas.
The Kitty Joseph brand is always looking to work with like-minded brands with similar ethics and synergy.
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For general enquiries: studio@kittyjoseph.com
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