CHROMA selection
As summer approaches, now is the perfect time to introduce some colour to your wardrobe! On our website you can ‘Shop By Print’ to discover our CHROMA pieces which are ideal for the warmer weather. Our CHROMA TOPS are now a last chance collection. These versatile tops can be styled in a multitude of ways, making them very easy to wear on repeat while still trying out new outfits. Whether you pair a CHROMA TOP with one of our CHROMA SKIRTS, as worn by Color Me Courtney and Jamie Meares, or with a pair of jeans, you will love wearing our vibrant designs! 
Our CHROMA DRESSES, as worn by Katherine Ryan, Bim Adewunmi and Zezi Ifore, are also an incredible way to bring some fun into your everyday clothes. As with all our CHROMA styles, this piece is reversible, just wear front to back to discover both primary and secondary colour palettes. Made from flowing loose pleating, this item is extremely flattering on all body types and one size fits all. 
Add a touch of colour to your look with a CHROMA SCRUNCHIE. These pieces are made from the waistband panels of our CHROMA SKIRTS with the intention of reducing waste within clothing production. Being able to take items and prints from our archives and transform them into new products is just one of many steps we are taking to reduce waste and be more environmentally conscious.
We have other pieces available in rPET, these are our CHROMA SKIRT, CHROMA DRESS and the CHROMA STRIPE HEAD SCARF/CRAVAT (see left). ‘rPET’ is a more environmentally conscious way to produce clothing as it uses recycled plastic bottles. As a result of this fabric being used, there is a lot more plastic being saved from entering the oceans and landfill. Not only are we committed to using more responsible fabrics, we also use sublimation printing to create the prints we are known for. Sublimation is a less wasteful method of printmaking, requiring zero water in the process.
Taking steps towards greater responsibility in fashion production is extremely important to us, which is why many of our items are made to order. This way, we ensure that there is very little waste within our production. We are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability efforts.