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Laser cut and etched acrylic mirror brooches with metal pin backing. Available sizes:

  • Large - 5cm diameter
  • Small - 2.6cm Diameter 

In aid of the UNHCR (The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) this collection of badges combine brightly hued reflective facets etched with messages expressed in colourful metaphor. 100% of the sale of your brooch purchase will be donated to The UNHCR.

More about the UNHCR:

Military action in 2022 has forced upwards of 2.5 Million people to flee Ukraine. They join almost three million people in need of humanitarian assistance across the country following conflict including 850,000 internally displaced people.

They provide:

- Emergency shelter , providing safety for those fleeing or left with damaged homes

- Relief items and emergency payments

- Community support to help displaced people access social services and psychological support.

Over 2.5 million refugees from Ukraine have now crossed borders to seek safety in neighbouring countries, such as Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova. These numbers continue to rise.

UNHCR is urgently upscaling relief operations across Ukraine and in neighbouring countries to support fleeing civilians. Urgent needs include shelter, relief items such as blankets, and specialist protection – all rely on voluntary donations.

Ukraine has been impacted by years of uncertainty and simmering conflict, and UNHCR has been working in the country since 1994, alongside local authorities, partners and community organisations.   Prior to this 2022 crisis, almost 3 million people were already facing humanitarian need in Ukraine, including 850,000 internally displaced Ukrainians and 5,000 refugees from others countries.

To find out more or to make a direct donation to UNHCR please click here

All brooches are hand made in the UK.