Life is ever changing and surprising, so we believe your wardrobe should adapt to your ever evolving needs too. We design our collections with all body types and all stages of life in mind:
‘ I really believe that you look great when you feel comfortable. So, I always design thinking of how the clothes can adapt to your body, not the other way around. As women, our bodies are never a fixed shape from days weeks, months, to years. I believe our clothes should travel with us through life journeys and be adaptable, have longevity’ - Kitty Joseph 2019
Throughout our collections, we use pleating and volume in our pattern cutting to enable fits that are one-size, or easy-fit. The garment shapes are often made out of large circles, square and rectangles, which add a lot of drama with movement, and being a print focused brand, these graphic shapes are beautiful canvases for colour or print motifs.
One of our most popular styles : The CHROMA DRESS is a great example of this versatile dressing and our brand philosophy. Worn by an array of personalities, from our studio manager Rob Ivory, to a pregnant Katherine Ryan, to singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, presenter Zezi Ifore and journalist Bim Adewunmi, this dress is made for everyone.
Katherine Ryan          Sophie Ellis-Bextor  Bim Adewunmi
Being able to feel confident in what you wear, no matter who you are, is vital to enjoying life, and we hope to express this always through our designs and creative outlets.
Be unapologetically you!