Portrait and Interview series - AIRY

What drew you to styling?

I’ve always enjoyed how clothing can tell a story - Whether it’s around memory, mood, form, colour or texture - the possibilities are limitless. Styling oneself can be an armour, a form of protection, a way of expressing something unsaid, a means of projecting ones sense of self. What’s not to love! 


What colours are you drawn to?

All of them! Although I did go off purple for a minute. I was like, be red OR blue! Pick a lane Purple! I now own a purple gown so maybe I was going through something. Who knows.  

How does music inspire your aesthetic?

I mean, fashion and music are like codependent lovers aren’t they! I came up during the Electroclash scene in London in the 00s which was heavily inspired by punk, the 1980s and a devil-may-care DIY aesthetic which has definitely stayed with me. I also draw on my experience as a white working class person so –  much like hip-hop style – sportswear elements, wealth signifiers and loud jewellery often feature in my work. 

If you were (or already are) a drag mother what advice would you give your children?

I’m more of an embarrassing drag Aunt at this point. The kind of Aunt that gives unsolicited advice at family gatherings. I think all queens need to make sure that their drag is an outward expression of something internal. Once you’ve mastered the nuts and bolts stuff, (makeup, hair, performance, wardrobe...etc) make it personal. Make it specific to you and your style. Give us something that represents your most lavish and radically free self.

Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party and why? 

Oh God! Nobody famous! I find celebrity really awkward and I’m better at one-on-one stuff than big social things (ironically). Given it’s a fantasy dinner, I’d like to have a last supper with my friend who passed in 2011 please. Or maybe Whitney Houston. She seemed like a good time. I’d do my best to coerce her in to singing ‘Home’ from The Wiz after pudding (which would be a British school-dinner-esque golden syrup sponge and custard FYI)

What song is at the top of your playlist right now?

See Tinh (Sped up version) - Hoang Thuy Linh.  

It’s like the sonic representation of manic episode (Like the fun bit before you realise you’re having one and it gets weird)


What changes would you like to see happen in the fashion industry? 

More ethics, accountability and inclusion in every area, less nepotism, more opportunities for working class folk and less obnoxious people. 

 What’s been your favourite DJ gig to date and why?

Ok so I have a radio show called THEM(ISH) with my beloved pal Baby Sol (They’re a singer/songwriter/musician and all round G) and we programmed a night at House of Koko for Pride 2022. That was a lovely party and set. So much good will and love in the room. And their dressing rooms are lit (literally and figuratively)

I also enjoy the boujee gigs where I get flown somewhere warm and cute with a pool and a fab rider. I’m crap at making travel arrangements so it’s nice to roll out of bed and into a car that someone else has organised! 


Do you have a favourite KJ piece?

My fave KJ pieces are the ones I’ve worn I think! I wore that sparkly number for the catwalk show and I wore that amazing pleated rainbow guy when I hosted at Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate (with Baby Sol again) I looked like a gigantic glamorous pride flag and it was incredibly comfortable! I do have my eye on those quilted pieces though! Next time ;)