In line with our efforts to step closer towards conscious production, we are focused on keeping all elements of our production process local. Being transparent about our process and supply chain, and building relationships with our collaborators is something we are committed to. 
We have many reasons for wanting to keep our processes close to home. The first being that we have better control over quality, and secondly, so we can ensure that the people in our supply chain are paid a fair wage for the work and service they are providing. 
This is possible because we produce our clothes on a smaller scale, in reaction to customer demand, resulting in less waste and little to no overproduction. Having a personal relationship with each member of our supply chain means that we can communicate specific needs and numbers more effectively and decide how to move forward with any excess materials. This is what ultimately led us to creating the UP-CUT COLLECTION. 
 mixed scrunchiesscrunchies and socks
By keeping our production local, it means we are also able to minimise transport costs for our raw materials. This ultimately lowers our impact on the environment due to not needing to get items delivered to us from far away. 
Finally, we believe that supporting local business, economy and craft is extremely important.  As an independent business ourselves, we really understand the need to connect and grow with other small companies. Working with independent freelancers is also beneficial to us as many who work as machinists come into our studio, meaning we can oversee the sewing of each item, ultimately leading to items being created exactly as they were designed. 
sewing machine
We can’t wait to share more about our steps towards being more environmentally conscious within our production processes and supply chain.