Listen Now: Kitty Joseph on 'Colour Your Home Happy'

Kitty Features in Justine aka @rainbow.shaker's Episode 7 of Colour Your Home Happy Podcast 

Justine - founder and creative mind behind Rainbow Shaker, a colourful interior design studio in London - was DONE with bland and boring interiors. That's what inspired her to start her podcast Colour Your Home Happy.

Justine's goal is to spread joy and happiness through the design of cheerful interiors. In her podcast, she gives you all the confidence you need to use colours effectively when designing interiors full of dopamine! You won't find her speaking about the 'right' way to use the colours. Instead she helps you trust your intuition & connect your emotions to colours, to create interiors that are fully aligned with your own selves. 

Justine's approach is perfectly aligned with our colour mantra at Kitty Joseph HQ and that's why we decided to join Justine as a guest on her most recent episode. Find out more and listen/watch via the links below..



Kitty and Justine on set of Justine's fabulous home recording the podcast

In Kitty's episode, Kitty and Justine delve into the captivating intersection of fashion and interior design, exploring how Kitty's vibrant style transcends from fashion to our living spaces.

From her renowned colourful women's wear collections to her innovative rug designs for Floor Story, discover how Kitty's passion for self-expression translates into her collaborative projects, where fashion-inspired rugs and vibrant textiles breathe life into homes, transforming them into cheerful havens.

Whether you're a fashion enthusiast, interior design aficionado, or simply someone who loves to surround themselves with colour and creativity, this episode promises to inspire and uplift your spirit!

You can explore Kitty's fabulous rug collection with Floor Story via the link below..