Giving our offcuts a new lease of life.. 💚

A selection of our signature prints such as Chromology and Chroma have been given as offcuts to Fabrications Hackney.

Staying true to our minimal-waste mantra, we donate our production offcuts to the fantastic Barley Massey and their team at Fabrications Hackney. Barley is an expert in textile upcycling and renovating practises and a ‘Super Crafter’ for WRAP’s National ‘Love your Clothes‘ campaign.

You can discover Fabrications online and in-store at 7 Broadway Market. The store was opened by Barley in 2000 to realise their vision for a sustainable textiles studio in a disused shop on Broadway market. 24 years on, Barley continues to weave strands of creativity, community and conservation together to form the fabric of their practice.

Today you can find a selection of upcycled garments for sale using designer offcuts plus a buzzing hub for creatives. Classes are available for sewing, dressmaking, upcycling, mending, knitting, crochet, embroidery and much more!


A full Chroma circle upcycled onto the back of a hoodie, seen here in the shop window at Fabrications Hackney.

From Hackney to Harlem! @dickiebaker visited from NYC and purchased the zero waste sweatshirt - this item re interprets second hand sweatshirts and quilted sampler panels taken from our Albers Coat. The interconnected shapes meant that Fabrications didn’t generate any further offcuts.

Rhacel & Celine - the Parrenas sisters! Shining brightly and circulating their appreciation and joy around East London’s independent sustainable fashion boutiques. Rhacel wears a jumper made from our Albers Coat offcuts and Chroma circles. The full style can be seen on the right hand side image.

Seen here is an inspiring use of our gradient fabric offcuts as part of Fabrications “Weave & Mend” series. Their next “Make your own zero waste sweatshirt“ class is on Sunday 21st January, 11am - 5:30pm and there’s a couple of places still available! 

Email for more information and to book.