Here at Kitty Joseph, ethical and sustainable production are very important to us. We continuously strive to make our brand as responsible as possible.
All of our products are made to order in the UK. Initially, the fabric is printed in the North of England, using sublimation printing which allows us to reduce the water waste that is created during the printing process. The printed fabric is then laser cut and pleated (if the product requires), which takes place in London. Finally, the products are sewn by Maria, Angela or Jolanta in London - you can read more about our machinists by taking a look at our Instagram feed!
pleated fabric
As our production all takes place in the UK, we are able to keep a close eye on the impact that our production process has on the environment, and also means that we do not have to transport our products across the world during production.
We moved away from a wholesale model to a direct-to-consumer model in 2018, which gave us more control over our business, and has also allowed us to work in a more sustainable manner. Working as a direct-to-consumer brand means that we make all of our products to order, ensuring that we will never end up stockpiling large amounts of products which cannot be sold. We also know that all of our production is done in ethical workplaces, which is extremely important to us.
However, we are always trying to move forward in terms of ethical and sustainable production. Let us know your favourite ethical and sustainable brands in the comments!