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Introducing CHROMOLOGY - a print to celebrate our imminent 10th Anniversary!

The new CHROMOLOGY print, incorporating nearly 2000 colour shades and colour names, is an ode to colour with each individual shade named by Kitty and her extended network of friends, collaborators and customers. Ten years in, it is a symbol of the countless people that come together to make a fashion brand work- “It takes a village.”

In this lightweight summer scarf, you get double sided printing for maximum colour impact.

Please note every scarf is unique - colours vary slightly depending on where the scarf is cut.

Material: Spun Rayon 

Size: 15.5cm ( 6") X 129cm ( 50")

Printed and sewn in the UK

Length: Approximately 129cm (50")
Width:  Approximately 15.5cm (6.10")

Shipping: please allow 1 week.